1/13/22: Seasons Series

I’ve finished my first series of the year!

And my first completed series ever, really; I’ve started on projects intended to become a series or a set of pieces, but I’ve always managed to peter out prior to completion (see: my ROYGBIV portrait series, my Russian nesting dolls, etc.)

But I actually finished this one, minus going back for touch-ups, clean-ups, and corrections. This is a four piece series based on the four seasons. The images were first sketched on paper, then scanned and fully colored on Corel PaintShopPro. I was my own reference model for this set, and have begun to develop a deeper respect for the work that goes into creating good, viable reference photos, even for relatively simple poses. I think I will continue shooting my own refs for certain projects, but I may enlist my wife’s help, or at the very least, borrow her ring light and tripod.

While I have my favorites (I am honestly just beside myself with how much I love Winter’s robes) and my less-than-favorites (as much as I love the colors, I’m not as enamored with Spring as I am the others), I am proud of this set, and maybe more proud of the simple fact that I finished it.

I’m hoping to find the time to edit the images and post them in my gallery and on Instagram this weekend, and eventually adding them to sell as prints on my Redbubble.

Much as I love doing digital stuff, I’m hoping to wrap up the piece I’m currently working on and move on to some acryllic painting in the next few weeks.

Hope you are all keeping creative and doing stuff you’re proud of.

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