3/30/22: COVID

Two years. We avoided it for two full years. The 27th was my one year vaccination anniversary. I was first wave. I was boosted. I’m never maskless outside of my home. Two years.

A full academic year of remote learning for my son. Twelve months of work-from-home. Two summers of missed work. Months without seeing friends or family. Unfaltering mask-wearing (even when the mandates lifted).

And yet.

Kira tested positive yesterday morning.

She’s been sick since, Sunday, maybe? Felt like crap on Saturday, but it turned out the tea she’d been consuming was loaded with artificial sweetner (which she is allergic to), so the jury’s out on whether that day of misery was a COVID day or not. Sunday night she was testing negative, but when she took the test Tuesday morning — like, twenty minutes before we were set to leave for work and school, I had my makeup done, badge on, coffee and bag in hand — it came up positive.

Kira, for what it’s worth, is fine. It’s bad cold/mild flu territory. And as of the moment, while I am still testing negative, I am also having very mild symptoms. Bear has yet to test positive, and so long as he is asymptomatic, has been told he can keep attending school (the mask madates have lifted, but he continues to double-mask for school every day anyway).

I am pissed. I am irritated at having avoided this thing for so long — during the worst of it, during the highest peaks and surges when everyone around me seemed to be getting sick — and now, when we are under 2% positivity, we get it. I am beside myself.

Hopefully this passes quickly. Hopefully those of you out there are staying safe and healthy. Hopefully we can move past this and enjoy the increasingly nice weather.

Hopefully you are all doing well.

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