A-to-Z Challenge, Day 2: Bubblegum Witch

With the help of the Aesthetic Wiki, I’m choosing an aesthetic for every letter of the alphabet, and (in writing) conceptualizing a piece that I can render when the challenge is over.

Despite the lingering COVID, I’ve not been feeling too badly, though I haven’t been especially energetic or motivated to do anything but the absolute minimum (and sometimes just barely that — there are currently no clean dishes in the house, and I finally dragged myself into the shower for the first time since Monday), so set your expectations low.

I still plan to do some outlining for NaPoWriMo, but don’t expect extra blog entries about them. The act of getting them done in and of itself is going to take basically all of the energy I have. At the end of the month or beginning of May, though, I’ll post a bit about my experience returning to poetry.

Ideally, I mean. I hope.

Anyway — today’s aesthetic is: Bubblegum Witch.

From the Aesthetics Wiki:

Bubblegum Witch is characterized by the combination of feminine and witch-related themes. It is largely influenced by Bubblegum Bitch and Witchcore. It revolves around dark and pastel pinks and purples, fairy lights, crystals, and nature…

…Key motifs include flowers, fairy lights, dragons, crystals, plants, strawberries, weather, tarot cards, magic, led lights, nature… key colors are Pastel pinks, dark pinks, purples, dark purples, soft greens, gold, silver, white, black, brown.

Thinking of Bubblegum Witch aesthetics makes me think of checking in on Discord during the creation phase of The Fat Folks Tarot Deck; while the deck itslef was not, specifically, BGW-centric, there were definitely a number of cards — and a number of artists, considering their larger body of work — that were very clearly inspired by the aesthetic.

Crystals, moons, tattoos, dried flowers, hard candy, books, candles, and overall themes of being at one with nature, and comfortable with one’s body and sexuality are all very in line with this aesthetic, so I many something very sensual — not necessarily sexual, but sensual. Lots of skin, lots of focus on details, on intimate shots, of small details — patterns and trinkets and tchotchkes.

An aerial shot of a room in semi-darkness, the last rays of light before dusk cast across the floor. On the floor, all the detritus of a well-lived in space — a woven flower crown, half-finished; a hand carved wand, it’s handle wringed with dried flowers; a bowl of strawberries, half eaten, and a cup of tea, half drunk; elegant candles in numerous stages of burned down, thought several of them are still lit; various crystals, and an eager cat batting one around a stray sunbeam. In opposite corners of the room, from the aerial POV, you can see the figures — though mostly the legs — of two women, both fat, wearing stocking (fishnet, or patterned), short dresses, tattooed and decked out in swathes of crystal jewelry. The are poring over the centerpiece of the scene, a tarot card spread (cards TBD; it will depend on the vibe I want, I suppose), both smiling, one with a strawberry partway to her mouth, the other idly fingering the unused cards.

The perspective would be challenging, but I’m in luck in that I have a willing partner and several of the necessary accoutrements to set the scene myself, plus a number of semi-professional lighting rigs and tripods in order to actually get an appropriate shot, so it’s not totally out of reach, just slightly more labor intensive. I think it would be a ton of fun to do, and if I do wind up putting this to a vote at the end of the month in order to determine the three-to-five I complete, I politely suggest that people consider this one, wink wink.

Today’s runner-up was Bloomcore:

Bloomcore, also known as flowercore, is an aesthetic based on theme of flowers, gardens, gardening, and nature. Though generally similar, bloomcore differs from Naturecore in its focus on village greenery, emphasis of flowers, and themes of a quiet lifestyle.

As with yesterday, there are just a lot of related aesthetics, several of which I will cover later this month.

We test my son again tomorrow; he is running a low fever, but remains otherwise asymptomatic, so fingers crossed that out masking-at-home and trying to keep our distance has left his viral load low enough that this low-grade fever is actually just fighting it off.

Hope you all are doing well, and enjoying the weekend in whatever way is most pleasing to you. Cheers.


  1. I really love this ❤ bubblegum pink aesthetics combined with witchcraft are so satisfying to visualize


  2. That’s a beautiful aesthetic! 💖🦄


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