A-to-Z Challenge, Day 5: Erokawa

Today, this fifth day of The A-to-Z Challenge, I am going to use my brief introduction before heading into the substance of the entry to issue a call to action and tell you all: buy a body pillow.  Holy hell.  I don’t know how I got through pregnancy without one, and honestly, I am retroactively resentful and having had to do so.  Kira bought herself one a few weeks ago to combat chronic back pain, and while it worked really well, she opted to upgrade to a slightly larger one, and passed the smaller one on to me.  Oh, guys, it’s a game changer.  Granted the bed is getting a little, uh, crowded, what with two full grown (and not small) adults and two full body pillows, but it’s so good, guys.  So, so good.

No, this has nothing to do with art.  Sorry not sorry.  I slept through the night, people!  This is a big deal!

Today’s aesthetic is:  erokawa.

From the Aesthetics wiki:

Erokawa (エロカワ) is a Japanese aesthetic that is supposed to contrast the popular kawaii trends by drawing notions of the western concept of sexiness. The term, coined in 2005, is a fusion of ero (shortened from the English word “erotic”, which has negative connotations in Japanese culture) and the lighter kawaii, meaning “cute”. Different to previous erotic trends in Japan, it was created by women for women and gave a sense of empowerment as it was the first time Japanese women were able to claim ownership over their sexuality in a way that catred to their own tastes rather than the male sexual desire.

So, today comes with some self-reflection – what do I find cute, and what do I find sexy, and how can I bring the two together?

I don’t know how many people are familiar with Moriah Elizabeth — she’s a YouTube art/crafter who specializes in super cutesy art, and I think all her stuff is absolutely adorable. Most of her art centers around ice cream and pastries and rainbows, and I imagine whatever I decide to draw would do the same — I had so much fun with my #NoFilters portrait that I would love to do something like that again. That being said, all her stuff is one hundred percent family-friendly, so I still need to bring in the sexy aspect, and find a way to mesh it with her cutesy style.

I’m also thinking, catgirls? Catgirls are a very sort of on-brand cute/sexy kawaii icon, though honestly, I’m not super into them personally?

To pull back the veil a bit more — and arguably to get a bit TMI — I’ve lately been very into reading fanfic about the “Just Pudding” web shorts series with James Acaster and Ed Gamble, and a lot of that is borderline D/s feeder kink? I’m not one hundred percent hardcore into that, but I’m thinking maybe I incorporate some of the aspects that really surprised me with their appeal. Maybe a woman wearing loli clothing lounging about a top of giant donut, sprinkles and pastry motifs mirrored in her outfit? A very scantily clad woman surrounded by candy, indulging her sweet tooth in pastel hues?

This one is tough. I think it could be fun, conceptually, but it’s not really in my wheelhouse — I can do cute, to some extent, and I can do sexy, but I am not accustomed to doing both in the same piece.

I am exhausted tonight! Looking forward to the weekend — now that COVID seems to have passed (still have a few more days of testing for my son), it looks like I’ll finally get my day alone this weekend to get some major cleaning done, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Hope you are all doing well, taking care of yourselves and each other. Cheers.

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