A-to-Z Challenge, Day 6: Fairycore

Running late with this one today, and currently hyper-fixating on a new digital painting, so this one is going to be quick.

Today’s aesthetic is: Fairycore.

From the Aesthetics Wiki:

Fairycore, also known as Fairy Folk is a fantasy themed aesthetic that centers predominantly around fairy and elf mythology. Visuals include nature, soft pastels, butterflies, magic, flowers, soft animals like bunnies, and the vibe of springtime…

Key motifs: Wings, sparkles, pixie/fairy dust, cute/small animals (deer, kittens, puppies.) flowers.

I am particularly drawn to the colors that are listed as being key colors in this aesthetic — primarily yellow, cream, and green — which are all colors that I use fairly sparingly (particularly in their pastel shades) and which I am incredibly interested in trying out as a palette.

The second portrait above is also especially intriguing to me — the painting I’m working on rigt now has ghost flowers growing from the shoulders and chest of an ethereal forest figure (not really a fairy, but something like it, maybe) and I think it would be interesting to have a fairy character with more traditional blossoms framing her face, growing from her head in place of (or in addition to) hair.

I’m thinking yellow dresses, yellow flowers. I’m thinking fairies curled against cream colored rabbits, dandelion puffballs and buttercups, blonde hair tied in up-dos that call to mind flowers, twists of greenery growing from their scalps n intricate patterns, looping around them like climbing ivy. I would like the entire scene to be painted in stark overlays to mimic a soft glow, like the fairies are lit from within. The rabbits are sleeping — it’s an evening scene — and the air is studded with fireflies.

It’s not super well-defined, at the moment, but all the components are there. Will it make my top five, for voting at the end of the month? Who knows. But I wouldn’t be mad, let’s say. I think with some thought it could be good, and would certainly fit with my repertoire as of late.

I am glad tomorrow is Friday. We have a library visit and a visit to my folks on Saturday (assuming Bear still tests negative), and Camelot for Kira and Bear on Sunday (so I can clean — at last! I was literally in tears tonight, feeling so overwhelmed by this house. I look forward to getting a handle on it again). I hope April is treating you all well and you all have something restful and restorative to look forward to this weekend.

Take care of yourselves and each other. Cheers.

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