A-to-Z Challenge, Day 8: Happycore

Here’s an aesthetic that I like consuming but don’t really produce much of.

Today’s aesthetic is: Happycore.

From the Aesthetic wiki:

Happycore is an aesthetic that’s based around positivity. Its sole purpose is to help others cope with stressful or sensitive topics. Some ways Happycore is shown is through small quotes, drawings, photos of cute animals, and bright stickers.

This one is tough because I feel like positive quotes and words is so ingrained in this aesthetic that I’m going to have to incorporate typography, and unless I want to just slap something like that on a shirt a character is wearing, I’m going to have to be more creative about how to incorporate it.

I was thinking of going a little meta — maybe showing a hand drawing on a tablet, maybe from two perspectives, a picture-in-picture style image — where you can see both the back of the tablet (with cutesy, on-brand-for-the-aesthetic stickers), and the screen where I am drawing, maybe a cute, soft bunny-and-puppy illustration with an apt quote. The colors would all be pale, pastels — lots of yellows and pinks, maybe a gingham pattern for the background. I don’t have a ton of well-detailed ideas, but I know I would do something a bit meta, something veering away from the single character designs that are sort of my bread-and-butter.

I am exhausted. Covid came for me pretty meekly, but days and days later, I am feeling the fatigue more acutely than I had initially. I’m not dead-on-my-feet by any means, but I am definitely more tired than I should be given what I’ve actually been doing.

Still, making slow progress on my digital painting and hyping myself up for tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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