A-to-Z Challenge, (late) Day 9: Icepunk

NB: Ahh, once again the day got away from me, and despite having written this blog post during my downtime yesterday, I once again neglected to post it. I also have today’s entry done and ready to go, but I’ll let a little time pass before posting that one as well. Ugh, sorry. Hopefully I can be more consistent the rest of the month.

Today’s (or yesterdays, I guess, ugh) aesthetic is: Icepunk.

From the Wiki:

Icepunk (or Icecore) is an aesthetic revolving around frozen, snowed-over and icy places which give an eerie and otherworldly feel.

It shares elements with Cleancore, as the colours are similar (Icepunk being less bright and more misty) and frozen places typically have a smooth and sanitized feel to them.

So, here is where relying on a aesthetic wiki for this challenge becomes difficult – I’m not entirely sure if this is a visual aesthetic, if it is a sound aesthetic, if it is something else all together – music and memes are both referenced repeatedly – and I’m not familiar with any of the aesthetics that they are making reference to as a means of comparing or contrasting.  That being said, there is a line or two referring to “icepunk art,” and there are visual examples on the page, so I am going to base my concept off of that.

Given my almost year – oh my God – of off-and-on studying Finnish, I can’t hear “icepunk” and not think, Aurora Borealis, so I will be borrowing my color palette from that (and likely incorporate Aurora Borealis-esque lighting/patterns in the background).  

I am mildly obsessed with organic things – flowers, mushrooms, vines – sprouting from the bodies of my subjects, if you couldn’t tell from the last, oh, all of my entries.  In this case I’m thinking of a diadem of spired icicles, like stalagmites, coming up from the crown of her head.  Our perspective is from slightly below, looking up at her.  Her expression is somewhere between stern and neutral.

 I’m having some trouble thinking of exactly what to do with her hair.  Part of me is thinking braiding, close to the scalp, and pinned back, to form an almost fauxhawk along the top of her head (that’s going to be tricky to draw, but in an, “ooh, that sounds like fun, let me try that” sort of way), but also, the visual space taken up by the icicles is going to at least partially influence what I ultimately choose to do in that arena.  I’m also thinking of silver threads woven through and tied around her hair in bunches (hard to describe in a verbal medium, but I know what I mean, and I just need language enough so that if I go back to engage with this later, I can decipher my own intentions).  

She is wearing pelts and furs, cast in a greenish-blue with the ambient lighting, studded and held together with toggle buttons, perhaps with a hood pulled three-quarters down (a hood seems a bit nonsensical what with the diadem of ice, but also, I feel like it’s such an iconic component of a that kind of outerwear, it would feel incomplete without it; also I feel like a slightly more dynamic pose – instead of simply standing, arms by her sides – might be having her pulling down the hood with one hand as the wind whips around her.  Her face is studded by semi-translucent patches of ice and frost, climbing in snowflake patterns up her cheeks.  Her lashes are thick with snow.  Her hair is stark white, but glowing eerily green and blue, her eyes the same vibrant, fluorescent green as the lights in the sky.

I’m not as passionate about this one as I have been about some of the others, though I certainly wouldn’t complain if this was one of the top five; I’m in love with the color palette, and am very excited to do something with the Aurora Borealis, but it’s not in my personal top five at the moment.

I saved this until the end of the entry because I know probably no one else cares, and no one else genuinely understands how big of a deal this is, but – Sunday Kira took Bear to see some family, and I spent from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm cleaning the house.  Lo and behold, the house is livable again!  It’s such a weight off my shoulders.  The cruel reality of my neurodivergence is, I cannot operate at full capacity when my surroundings are in utter chaos, but also, I am woefully inclined to allow my surroundings to slide into utter chaos.  Having had COVID a couple of weeks ago (even though it was, blessedly, quite mild) made it even worse, as I was conscientiously not exerting myself as a precaution, and as a result, the house was an absolute cesspool (it had been pretty bad prior to, and after the fact it was just awful).

Anyway, I am incredibly proud of the work I put in yesterday, and it frees me up, both physically and mentally, to focus on other projects, both personal and creative.  Tonight I am hoping to finish a digital piece I’ve been working on (the one that called to mind the Gloomcore aesthetic I spoke of the other day), and to start inking the last of my Stag King series (the one I’ve been calling the “deer” series.  Stag King sounds a lot better, doesn’t it?  Still not the most imaginative title, but worlds better, regardless).

Four days until I am on a week long break, and hoo boy, am I ready for it.

Take care of yourselves and each other.  Cheers.

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