A-to-Z Challenge, Day 10: Jamcore

I’m playing against type today.  My first instinct for today’s aesthetic was one called Joyride, which is all about the peace and serenity of long car rides, especially at night or in the rain, and honestly, there have been a lot of aesthetic so far that’s I’ve liked or I’ve related to, but if I had to pick one that resonates with me on a soul-deep level, it’s Joyride.  I will have to wax poetic about my car ride obsession later, but I will say, I am one of very few of my friends who can ride in a car for six or eight hours in relative silence and not only not be bored, but be transcendentally happy.

That being said – I’ve put off a lot of aesthetics that are of the cozy, cottagecore vibe because I said there’d be a lot of them on this list, and that constant pushing them off may actually wind up removing them from the list entirely, ironically enough.  So with that being said, and wanting to hit at least one of those cozy, springtime-esque vibes –

Today’s aesthetic is: jamcore.

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

From the Wiki:

Jamcore is an aesthetic based on picnics, gingham patterns, pastries, and jam. Jamcore is also based upon helping the environment, such as reusing jars and other materials, or being self sustainable if possible and growing your own food. Conserving the environment and wildlife is also a big part of Jamcore. It takes heavy inspiration from the Honeycore aesthetic as well, and are related in many ways.

So, actually, that Steven Universe clips is genuinely a pretty good encapsulation of Jamcore, really.  Warm days, coziness, picnics, sunshine, gingham, good books.  It’s no Joyride, for sure, but I sure as hell love this aesthetic, especially around this time of year when all those things are part of my life again.

My thoughts for this piece is again a human figure, but composed a little differently this time.  The lens through which we are viewing this scene is on the ground; there are several errant blades of grass, yellow and verdant green, slightly out of focus in the forefront.  Beyond those, we see a jar of jam, resting on a gingham blanket, open with a used knife leaning against it; next to it is a small loaf of home-baked bread with about a quarter missing.  Beyond/above that is out human figure, laying on her elbows with a book propped in front of her.  We only see her from about chin to the bridge of her nose; she is chomping a thick slice of bread between her teeth and smiling. I see a lot of stark shadows, bright highlights, vibrant reds, pinks, and greens.

I’m weirdly excited to do this one, mainly because I’m interested in trying different framing and perspectives — I spent so long doing the “3/4 portraits from the right” kind of that seems to be a cliche among beginner artists, and I’m eager to do new things.

I am at a loss — why do I never know what to do when my house is clean? It’s like my brain can’t figure out what to do with itself when I’m not budy procrastinating on chores, ha. I’m tapping out for tonight, though. I completed linet art for Stag King 3, and now I’m going to tune out with a beer, some snacks, and good old AO3.

Oh! Here’s the Gloomcore-esque piece I finished yesterday:

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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