A-to-Z Challenge, (late) Day 11: Kidcore

Work has gotten crazy the last couple of days, so you know what? I’m going to let myself be a day behind and make it up this weekend.

Today’s aesthetic is:  Kidcore.

From the Wiki:

Kidcore is an aesthetic that centers around bright colors, nostalgia for icons from the 90s, and kid themes. While its origins can be traced back to the 1990s/80s, it appears the aesthetic is a nostalgia-based creation of the 2010s.

Common motifs in Kidcore visuals are bright colors frequently used on children’s toys, most frequently highly saturated versions of the traditional primary colors (red, yellow, and blue), playgrounds, stuffed animals such as Beanie Babies and TY, robot pets like Furbies, Lisa Frank artwork, rainbows, and other kid themes. 

Ugh, so… there are several different ways I could go with this.  

Part of me says – given that it specifically references nostalgia for media properties of the 80s and 90s (and 2000s to a lesser extent) – part of me says, go straight up fanart.  Pick a property you loved and just go hog.  Or!  Pick several properties and do the epic crossover you know you friggin’ wished had actually happened back in the day.*  

But then, as discussed in a previous blog entry, I have a complicated relationship with fanart, and while I have very fond memories of several properties from my youth, entirely focusing a piece around them would require far more referencing and general legwork than I feel would be worth the actual fulfillment I would get from having done it.  I just don’t have the same level of passion for any of those loves of my past that would compel me to do fanart (even my Damien LaVey fanart has temporarily fallen by the wayside, and I growl at my wife when she pursues him romantically in-game).

The other option is doing another character who embodies the general aesthetic without going too into detail with specific nostalgia.  I’m going to be honest, this isn’t much better.

The third option is sort of my favorite at the moment.  It’s not a “high art” piece, but you know what, fuck the concept of “high art.”  I’m here to have fun and make cute/creepy/pretty things for people to look at.

The third option is a hybrid of the first two, casting a younger me as the main character.  I would do it as an “About the Artist” piece – the kind you see pinned to the top of Twitter profiles, or in DeviantArt profile sections.  I would be wearing an iconic outfit from my youth (hell, I even know which outfit I’m going to draw!), and surround myself with my favorite things from the time (I will likely pick a time frame – I’m thinking ages nine to thirteen would be the most fun) and write the “About Me” about, well, me, during that time frame.  I think it would be a cute thing to temporarily pin to my About Me on this blog, and potentially even Twitter (since I likely won’t actually be open to commissions again until summer anyway).  

But look, I’m standing like a magical girl, like Sailor Moon striking a pose, and I have plenty of old pics of myself to use as reference thanks to my sister and her obsessions with old photos.  I’m surrounded by things like Ninja Turtles, Animaniacs, 16-bit Nintendo characters (especially Mario and Starfox), my old tape recorder, Rock-a-Doodle (shut up), Disney stuff, Queen merch, screengrabs of old Usenet UIs, Lisa Frank, poetry books, and my About Me is stuff like, “Favorite Medium: Crayola Colored Pencils (24 count!),” and “Likes: AOL, Freddie Mercury’s solo work, Darkwing Duck, reading fanfic (especially lemons – don’t tell my mom!)”  Like, how beautifully, endearing cringy is that?  Oh man, I have to do this one.  I have to.

A student walked into class this morning not knowing what day of the week it was, what schedule day, or the date, and – hardcore relate.  I am having an easier time keeping track of the days now that I have a result routine to adhere to, where Tuesdays and Thursday are distinguished by an off-campus internship.  That’s going away soon, though, so it’s only a matter of time before I am free-floating in a temporal void again.

Regardless, I’m feeling chipper.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I am excited about my own personal future and looking forward to seeing what’s next for me.  I hope you are, too.

Take care of yourselves, and each other

*Speaking of nostalgia and crossovers, did anyone else go absolutely feral as a kid for Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue?  Kind of sucks now, as an adult, to look back and primarily see a really cheesy piece of anti-drug propaganda, but at the time – holy hell, it was just the greatest crossover of all time.  

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