4/19/22: Finished

I’m throwing in the towel on Blogging A-to-Z.

I’m not out of ideas, or aesthetics. I actually had up to — what, N? O? Picked out and somewhat planned. I’ve been in a good headspace. I’ve been making blogging and art a priority.

I just think I’ve achieved what I set out to do already, and I’m getting restless.

It’s interesting, because I know the “challenge” of thirty day challenges is supposed to be, you know, to blog for thirty days straight, to force yourself to generate ideas and get into a flow state of sorts (or at least develop a daily habit).

But the purpose of my individual entries was idea generation — I’ve been trying to generate art ideas because I felt like my tank was running low (it was; I was at the very end of my old Art Ideas list).

As it stands now, I have eleven whole ideas — not all of which I am equally enthused about, but most of which are workable, and many of which I an excited about — and right now I’m just excited to develop and work on them.

I’ll be honest, I think challenges are wonderful ideas and there are some I think I’ll either continue with or jump back into — NaPoWriMo, next year, I’m coming for you wholeheartedly — but with regards to A-to-Z, I don’t know. Doing it the way I’ve done the last two years has certainly been beneficial to me as creative brainstorms, though I never finish them out, so on the one hand, I’d hate to lose that simply because I know “failure” (i.e., not finishing out the thirty days) is almost inevitable. On the other, why embark on a challenge when you know you’re going to quit??

Well, I have a full year to figure that out, I suppose. In the meantime, take this as my A-to-Z resignation. It was fun and productive, and I’m excited to have enough ideas that, given the pace at which I produce, may well take me to the end of the year just on their own.

Hello from Spring vacation! We are taking it slow this week, as we are without a car (Kira still has to work) and we are homebound. Yesterday we did chores, then made popcorn and watched “A Boy Named Charlie Brown,” and today we’re making ice cream and hopefully catching up on some reading.

We hit the library on Saturday, but the Children’s Room was closed (staffing has been a big problem lately), so Bear got a few books from the Teen section that might be somewhat challenging, but are definitely within the scope of his ability, so it should be a nice brain exercise. Both books are about science: Beastly Brains: Exploring How Animals Think, Talk, and Feel, by Nancy F. Castaldo, and Seeing Science: An Illustrated Guide to the Wonders of the Universe, by Iris Gottlieb.

The plan tomorrow is visiting my mom and the kids downstairs (my brother should be around too, which is always nice), and hopefully on either Thursday or Friday seeing my sister, but her oldest is still in school this week and she does pickup and drop-off, so planning that is really going to be about her and what her schedule looks likes.

Either way, it’s nice to be home this week. By the time we go back, it’s going to be the start of May, and about seven weeks left until the end. I have summer work lined up, but those are shorter days and shorter weeks, with a nice three week buffer on either end, so I’m looking forward to that.

Hope you all are doing well. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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