4/28/22: Surprising Productivity

Yesterday was unexpectedly productive, despite the fact that I felt dead on my feet when I got home (not from a particularly bad day or anything, just hormones and hormonally-induced insomnia that’s been hounding me for the last couple of nights).

I wound up not only uploading all of the art I actually like to my Redbubble, but also submitting to The Bi+ Maker’s Market much, much sooner than expected – my son likes to use my laptop for gaming when he comes home, and I didn’t expect to get much time with it until the weekend, but he got off earlier than usual last night and I managed to get everything uploaded and sent off.  My only regret is when it asked for a social media account for the shop, I used my Twitter – which I do use primarily to talk about creating and post art, but is still a little more geared towards me as a person – instead of my Instagram, which is all and only art.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I don’t think it will make or break my application, but it’s still a bummer.

Then, as though that wasn’t enough, I actually got some work done on Stag King 3.  I’m still stuck on a lot of it – the background I have right now is incredibly rudimentary, but at least there is a background – I’m not staring at two figures floating in completely undefined space – and having them grounded at least somewhat makes it a little easier, maybe, to further conceptualized where I might want to go with it.  The issue is trying to draw grass, without making it look too cartoony, pushing it too far into the uncanny valley, or just making it look too… flat, I suppose.  I’m planning on looking up some tutorials on it later, but the only reason I even have the mental energy to do that is the fact that I finally pushed myself to block something in for the time being.  I’ve moved past the, “this is going to look like shit forever” phase and into the “this looks like shit, but I can work with it” phase, which is a much more positive place to be.

Ok, I mentioned “other fun new hobbies” yesterday, but then said I wouldn’t elaborate since I didn’t know what would come of it all, right?  Well, mere hours after saying that, two things happened that directly related to the hobbies I was referencing, and means I can probably say now – I bought a pinback button maker.  

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but I love pinback buttons.  I own a lot of them (used to own more, but they have the tendency to go missing because I’m a klutz and catch them on things all the time.  I decided it was about time to invest in my own so that I can make my own buttons on a whim, but also that it might be fun to make some for sale.  I don’t think I’m going to go the online route for that, simply because I don’t trust myself or my ADHD to be able to keep track of the orders and the shipping and the postage, etc., etc.  So instead I thought I could sell via word of mouth, on my socials, and through – maybe – local shops who do consignments style sales.

Well, yesterday, two things happened:  One, I found a really incredible deal on a multi-size pinback maker, and two, Fits the Vibe, a local thrift store/upcycling/consignment shop, put out a call via social media that they were looking for new local vendors to work with.  It was absolutely perfect timing.

I want to have a little bit of a store of inventory before I actually contact them to inquire, but how funny is it that these things all happened on the same day?

Things are going well overall; I’m having a bit of an annoying day, because I have to leave the building today to go to a work site with a student and I forgot my badge yet again, so when we come back I’ll have to buzz in. Which, granted, isn’t a disaster, but it’s an embarrassing little annoyance that could have been avoided had I had any sort of executive functioning skills, a working memory, a sense of organization, etc., etc.  

But tomorrow is Friday, I’m staying that night at my mom’s, I’m buying canvases and making buttons on Saturday, and Sunday is supposed to be gorgeous and I hope to spend it outdoors and maybe with some friends, schedules permitting.

Hope all is going well for you and yours.  Take care of yourselves and each other.

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