6/9/22: Rule of Three?

You know the rule of three, right?  It’s a writing rule implying that events that happen in threes are, for whatever reason, inherently more satisfying to the reader.  Some people feel like this is rule of life as well; that significant, sometimes even life-changing events, happen in threes.

We’ve had two of them this past week.  I’m anxiously awaiting the third, and hoping it follows suit with its predecessors in being incredibly positive and encouraging.

While I don’t feel completely comfortable discussing the first (it’s a medical issue, not directly involving me; but suffice it to say, it’s celebratory news!), the news I can share is that after months of applications and interviews, my wife was offered a new job!  Hybrid schedule (three days in office, two at home), in the field she wants, and an automatic 55% pay increase.  We are beside ourselves.

This in turn gives me some grace, as I found out that I was not hired for summer work, which is more than fine, to be honest.  It gives me the opportunity to pursue art more fully, gives me a chance to develop some healthy habits with Bear, and opens up my schedule to start getting the house ready to sell, since that’s something that’s been on our radar, and in 2023, our FTHB agreement ends and we can sell without a penalty.  I am beyond excited.  I haven’t had a financially secure summer off since 2008.

I have been struggling with energy lately, and I think I am more burned out than I have been willing to admit, so taking work off my roster of obligations is probably a good move, to be honest.  I have so many things I want to try to get done – creative projects, healthy habits, cleaning and organizing – and the only way I am going to feasibly be able to do them all is by opening up my schedule.

It’ll also ease the burden on my wife a bit, where she won’t have to concern herself with the family commute (child care drop off, driving me to work) while she acclimates to the new job.

As guilty as I feel – and I do feel guilty, I weirdly feel like I’m letting people down, especially when my coordinator was like, “oh, I will email and inquire about that!” and I was like, “Well, hold on a minute…” – but also, the last two summers have been anything but relaxing.  Summer 2020 I didn’t work, but I had applied to, and Summer 2021, I was still too gun-shy about COVID, and I struggled through that with a myriad of stress -health issues (both mental and physical) and financial worries. This is the first summer I have to myself where I might actually be able to do something other than survival.  This might be the chance to prep for a new phase in my life.

I have other thoughts, but I’m trying out these cool new things called Brevity and Topical Cohesion, so I will bow out gracefully on that point.

I hope you are all doing well, and treat yourself and those around you with grace.

Take care of yourselves, and each other

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