8/3/22: A Photo-heavy Update

My wife is currently at work upstairs, already an hour into her day because she decided working overtime this morning was a good way of keeping herself distracted so she doesn’t perseverate on the fact that her surgery is tomorrow.

The surgery is a good thing; she’s been waiting on it for over a year, and it is, of a sort, elective, so she’s opted into this and wants it — like, really wants it. She is excited and relieved and thrilled that the day is finally here, but it’s still a major surgery and, well, that comes with major anxiety. So, I feel her.

I’m climbing the walls, myself; COVID protocols say I can’t stay at the hospital with her, and lack of a car (or license) means I won’t be able to go and see her during her stay either (and Uber/taxi would range between $50 and $130, each way). We have a semi-private Discord set up (for close friends and immediate family) where we will all be able to congregate, chat, talk, group video call, etc. after the fact, so that’s likely what the next six or so days of my life as going to look like — logging on in the morning, signing onto Discord, turning on my camera and going about me day, ready to be there whenever she gets on.

I know I will feel immediately and instantaneously better the second she’s out of surgery, but tomorrow morning is going to be an emotional minefield.

In lieu of having anything else to talk about (or really, being able to think about anything else), here are the latest things I put up on Instagram this summer. I know not everyone uses Instagram, so I do want to try to remember to update here as well, going forward:

Also, I have been selected as an artist for the Fandom for Choice Zine, a fan zine benefitting the National Network of Abortion Funds in the wake of the overturn of Roe. I am beyond excited to be selected, and to be able to draw all my little blorbos while upholding choice and bodily autonomy. Could not ask for a better job.

Send good vibes to my wife, please. I am going to be an absolute wreck for the better part of tomorrow, but I am also so excited for her to be able to begin this new phase of her life.

Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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