8/11/22: Post-op Life

I write “post-op life” as though I was the one who went through surgery.

My wife had her surgery a week ago — Jesus, I can’t believe it was that long already. She was in the hospital from about 5am on August 4th until around 8pm on August 9th. Everything went well, she passed all the milestones they needed her to pass before discharge, and things on the home front have, thus far, gone pretty much exactly as expected.

I’m thrilled to have her home, and thrilled to have her doing well, though I am exhausted — there was no time to rebound between the adrenaline crash when she finally came home, the the sudden need to become caretaker, and I’ve not had much sleep, much down time, or any time at all to myself for the last week. I in no way hold it against her, nor am I resentful — I really am just tired. I hope as she recovers more and gets more independent, I get some time to just chill before I have to return to full-time work on the 29th.

I’ve not been in the headspace for art the last week and a half, but I’m still going slow but steady on Medium. Check me out there if you’re interested. I’m hoping to get back in the art swing soon, especially since Fat Craft is edging on on its deadline, and I have an art pitch for Fandom for Choice due in like, six days.

Hope all is well. Take care of yourselves, and each other.

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