11/28/22: Yes, Hi, Hello, Here I Am

Photo by Maksim Goncharenok on Pexels.com

Now may be the time to note — not necessarily for the first time, but certainly for the first definitive time — that anyone interested in reading my personal essays on things like the creative process, artistic practice, writing, my experiences in popular culture, gender, etc. should really, really, really go check out my Medium. All substantive writing is there now. This space reserved for “What I Did Today” personal updates, and general progress updates on various creative projects.

You know what, I’ll likely append a shortened version of the above to any of my updates going forward just so people know, you know? But please, do follow me. I’m coming off a bit of a hiatus, but I’ve written more over there this year than I have over here, um, ever, most likely.

Thanksgiving blew by in a whirlwind — had good food with my family, managed to touch base with a close friend in person for the first time in a year — and now Sunday my son turns 8 years old, and after that we have three weeks until Christmas and then the year is over, what the actual fuck??

I will be doing a year-end reflection closer to the actual end of the year, but suffice it to say, it’s been a creatively eventful and fulfilling year. I have some big things I hope to have to show off before December 31, and I have some high hopes for 2023 in terms of creative and artistic endeavors, but for now I’m just trying to get back into a good spot creating for myself, after coming off of four projects for other people and organizations. I found an old — like, old-old, from maybe two years ago — drawing in one of my sketchbooks that was never fully finished, so I’m fleshing that out, and I started a new sketch using one of Adorkastock’s newest models who I absolutely love already, and I’m just trying to breathe and enjoy the process before I’m tossed into the fray once more (i.e., I have zine apps out there that are closing in on acceptance/rejection day. Wish me luck).

Oh, and because I realized I recounted the whole employment fiasco here ages ago but never gave closure, Kira went permanent! She’s an official, full-time employee now and I have literally never seen her happier at work. It has been a brand new experience for her, and she’s thrilled with where she is, finally.

Hope things are well with you all, brace yourselves for the impending craziness of the holiday season, and take care of yourselves and each other.

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