4/19/23: Time Has Gotten Away from Me

Photo by . . on Pexels.com

Back in mid-March, I started on a series on digital illustrations that were the basis of a collaborative project between SourSavior and myself. I hit the ground running, armed with some excellent reference photos and a brand new copy of Clip Studio, and went to town, churning out three pieces in rapid succession.

And then… nothing. At all. For weeks. Up to and including now.

But fear not, for I am on Spring Break! Have been since last Friday, I suppose, but the last few days have been pretty action packed, spending time with the kid, my wife (who is on her first real “vacation,” as it’s the first jobs she’s had that offer real vacation), and generally enjoying having the time and mental space to do fun things again.

That being said, today is a “grown-ups” day, and I’ve spent it digging into some sketching again — I know it’s obvious that I haven’t posted art in nearly a month, but what isn’t necessarily as obvious is I genuinely haven’t picked up a pencil (or digital pen) for over a month, as well. I just haven’t had the mental breathing room to operate on anything but survival mode for the last several weeks, and while I know respite is coming (and relatively soon, all things considered), will likely be in crunch mode something fierce when I get back to work on Monday.

So, this is my little island of creative respite. I’m trying to get at least one more rough sketch in today while I am childfree and my house is in a livable state. I’ve been putting off putting pencil to paper long enough that I have a backlog of ideas to commit to.

Wish me luck.

All of my in-production zines are currently in, preparing to open, or winding down on pre-orders. Fandom for Choice is on it’s last five days, and Project Choice should be opening theirs soon. Both projects are benefitting the National Network of Abortion Funds, so if you’d like to support them, the link for Fandom for Choice is below:

I’ll post the link for Project Choice when it goes live, as well.

I’ve been casting a wide net when it comes to zine apps lately, but no one seems to be biting. Given the slump I’ve been in, this might not be a wholly negative thing.

Time keeps moving on. I still have plans for several projects this year — this creative slump is a blip on the radar, I know it’s gonna pass and I’ve got plans for when it does — but for now I’m taking it slow, trying to treat myself with grace (that’s going, uhhh, not always so great), and enjoying the time away from work and other stressors while I can.

Hope you are all doing well.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

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