To see if your are interested in requesting a commission from me, please refer to my Instagram for examples of my style and ability.

Commissions are fully digital (not a physical product), and are generally offered on a sliding scale depending on complexity.

Progress shot will be provided throughout the process.

Payment will be half upon acceptance of the commission, and half upon completion. I currently accept payment via Paypal and through my Ko-Fi.

Commission Rates:

(Detail Level × Figures) + Background = Total Price
  • Detail level
    • Sketch $30
    • Detailed Sketch $40
    • Flats $60
    • Shaded $85
  • Figures
    • Bust x0.5 
    • Full Figure x1 each
  • Background and extras
    • Flat Background +$0
    • Simple Background +$10
    • Complex Background +$30


  • bust, sketch, flat background = $15
  • Shaded, 2 figures, simple background = $180
  • Detailed sketch, 1 full figure, complex background = $70

For inquiries or commissions, please send me a message, or DM me on Instagram or Twitter.