About Me

Artist, Writer, Creator. Under-slept and over-caffeinated.

My name is Jess, my pronouns are they/she, and I am a 40 year old educator, artist, and writer from Eastern Massachusetts. I’m parent to a wonderfully precocious eight-year-old, and married (for the last twelve years) to a fantastically geeky woman. Collectively, we share our home with a neurotic cat, a horde of art and craft supplies, and an excess of scented candles.

I hold a B.A. in English and Gender Studies, and have spent the last seventeen years working as an instructional assistant and vocational coach.

Outside my day job, I am a freelance artist/illustrator, maker, and writer. My work can be seen as part of The Fat Folks Tarot Deck, Fat Craft, Project Choice, and in 2023, as part of a social media campaign for the Massachusetts Coalition for Suicide Prevention, among others.

A fuller list of my art projects can be found here, my writing can be found here, and I can also be commissioned.

When not working or pursuing art, I love listening to podcasts, video essays, learning Finnish and German, playing board games, British panel shows, junk journaling, solving puzzles Hunt-a-Killer style, reading, and finding good nightshade-free recipes to cook for my family.

Current Projects: Collaborative project with SourSavior; zine applications; learning Clip Studio; prepping for National Poetry Month.