Artist, Writer, Creator. Under-slept and over-caffeinated.

My name is Jess (they/she); I’m pushing 40, queer, anxious, and a hobbyist creative. I live on the East Coast US (New England-based) with my wife of eleven years and our seven-year-old son. My day job is in academia, as an instructor and vocational coach; I have a BA in English and Gender/Sexuality Studies, and 40-something credits towards a long-abandoned M.Ed.

I identified for years primarily as a writer, despite surprisingly little writing ever getting done (blame that on raging, untreated ADHD); in October of 2018, I decided I actually wanted to learn how to draw and develop a creative routine, so I decided to participate in Inktober 2018. After completing the challenge, I dabbled off-and-on in drawing and painting in 2018 and 2019, and at the beginning of 2020 made it a goal to develop more seriously as an artist.

Over the course of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time sketching, watching art-related videos on YouTube, and submitting to various zines. In 2020, I was accepted to be an artist on The Fat Folks Tarot Project, and after the ego boost of that acceptance, started working more and more on my digital art and putting myself out there for more projects. In late 2021, I completed my first paid commission, and while I have no intention of ever making art my career (even though I sorta maybe kinda occasionally hustle on the side), it was still a positive and affirming experience.

In the (scant) time not occupied by work, family, or art, I enjoy poetry, learning Finnish, following art YouTubers, buying quirky queer/feminist art, watching Taskmaster and various other British panel shows, falling down morbid Wikipedia rabbit holes (I’m weirdly fond of things like Lists of Mysterious Disappearances, or List of American Serial Killers), listening to “bad book” podcasts, and playing board games with whoever I can talk into it.

I am always — assuming time allows — open to collaboration. Just reach out!